Deciding On The Right Number of Security Guards For Your Large Event

Every large public or private event needs security to protect people and property. But how much security is needed? While most events are peaceful and security guards are rarely called into action, taking the chance of hiring too few security guards can leave your event and its patrons vulnerable if an incident occurs.

Here’s when additional security staffing should be considered:

–Large crowds, large venue, younger demographics

–Alcohol is present and patrons are prone to over indulge

–The type of event may attract gatecrashers, unruly guests or individuals seeking to cause disruption

 Proper Placement

 Security guard placement will help determine the number of guards needed. Guards are typically stationed at:

–All entrances and exits, ticket booths

–Areas where alcohol is sold

–VIP locales, backstage

–Event management offices

–Front of stage

In addition, factor in guards to patrol the grounds. Their presence can deter bad behavior and quickly diffuse escalating situations.

Every venue and every event has different security needs. Work with your security company to determine the right number of guards. While you may be tempted to hire fewer guards to save on costs, if an incident occurs because not enough guards were on site, you will not only have to deal with the negative aftermath but your organization might be held legally responsible for any resulting damage.