Our Heartfelt Condolences

Much of what we do at ACS relies on a close relationship with the police. This collaborative effort helps keep our clients secure and safe. It was with deep sadness as we watched what transpired yesterday in Dallas. At ACS, we see firsthand the unwavering dedication and commitment by police officers in keeping communities safe. […]

From the Unruly Patron to the Unthinkable Scenario—Know How to Respond

While the recent nightclub tragedy in Orlando shows the vulnerability of patrons when someone is intent on inflicting mass harm, it is just one of the scenarios that must be considered when keeping patrons safe in crowded venues. Every venue has (or should have) a security guard team assigned the task of anticipating and responding […]

New GPS Technology Pinpoints ACS Security Staff Onsite

  ACS is now using new GPS tracking technology from Celayix Software that enables our dispatch personnel to pinpoint the location of our security staff while on a job site. Here’s how it works. When our security guards check in at a job site to begin their shift, GPS tracking begins. The tracking takes places […]