Keeping Vandals Off The Greens

Golf courses are beautiful seas of green during the day, but they are tempting targets at night. Vandals can easily cause thousands of dollars in damage to the course, golf carts and the clubhouse. Keeping vandals away is a challenge because of the size of the area to secure—whether it is a 9-hole or 18-hole […]

Five Tips to Reduce Grocery Store Shoplifting

From a business standpoint, grocery stores have a lot going for them—they are busy, active environments with a steady stream of customers. These same positive aspects can also leave grocery stores vulnerable to shoplifting—whether it’s the discreet kind or the quick “grab and go.” According to Business Insurance Quotes, higher-end cuts of meat are the […]

What It Takes to Become a Security Guard

We see security guards in public and private places more and more these days since safety is now a front-and-center issue.  Security guards must go through a rigorous training process in order to become licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Service. Prospective security guards undergo criminal background checks followed by eight hours of […]

Five Ways to Discourage Employee Theft From Your Small Business

Business owners never want to think that their employees would steal from them, yet a Certified Fraud Examiners’ report estimated that a business loses 5 percent of revenues each year to fraud, with the median loss at $150,000. Small businesses with fewer than 100 employees feel the biggest impact. Fraud and theft are carried out […]

Don’t Let Wedding Crashers and Thieves Ruin Your Big Day

Wedding season is upon us. A lot goes into a wedding—selecting the location, food, music, guest list, invitations, decorations, attire—but how about wedding security? If you’re arranging a large reception, especially where alcohol is plentiful, you must be prepared for the possibility of unruly guests, wedding crashers (hoping to nab free drinks and food) and […]

Fumigating a Home Kills Termites But Attracts Another Type of Invading Pest: Burglars

A home covered by a big fumigation tent is a tempting target to burglars willing to risk breathing toxic air for the chance to rob the property of its valuables. Tented homes are easy, unsecured targets. Homeowners would never think of leaving for several days with windows wide open, but that’s what happens when a […]

Don’t Make Thieves Feel Welcome at Your Hotel

Hotel theft can be the result of actions by employees, guests, vendors, and of course, professional thieves. Security cameras can act as a deterrent, but their real value is after the fact when the police are trying to determine the perpetrator. Ideally, security measures should prevent thefts from happening in the first place. Guest Room […]

Deciding On The Right Number of Security Guards For Your Large Event

Every large public or private event needs security to protect people and property. But how much security is needed? While most events are peaceful and security guards are rarely called into action, taking the chance of hiring too few security guards can leave your event and its patrons vulnerable if an incident occurs. Here’s when […]

Arrests Down, But Crime Is Up

The Los Angele Police and Los Angeles County Sherriff’s departments made the lowest number of arrests in 2015 in nearly 50 years, according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times. Nearly a half a million fewer arrests were made in 2015 compared to 2006. Property crimes, those that most often plague shopping centers, […]

Is Your House of Worship Secure?

It’s happening with regularity. Another Jewish cemetery or place of worship is desecrated or vandalized with vulgar graffiti. While the authorities are trying to figure out who is responsible, congregations are understandably feeling vulnerable. Bomb threats, smashed windows, death threats, spray-painted swastikas–directed at synagogues and Jewish community centers—are part of the daily news cycle. According […]