Parking Lot Security: How To Keep Your Customers Safe

When we park our car in a parking lot or parking garage, we assume the location is safe and secure, but that’s not always the case. According to Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 11 percent of property crimes occur in parking lots or garages and over 7 percent of violent crimes occur there. Crimes in parking areas range from minor property theft to assault.

Here are tips to help keep cars and people safe while in retail or public parking areas.

Proper Lighting. Poor lighting invites crime. Properly lit parking lots and garages reduces the dark spaces where criminals can hide and cuts down on the chances that thieves can break into a car without being noticed.

Sufficient Surveillance. Security cameras can play a big role in discouraging parking lot crime. Just their presence, along with signs indicating that security cameras are in use, will help keep criminals at bay. Ideally, real-time security camera footage should be continuously monitored.

Physical Security Presence. Depending on the size of the parking lot or garage, security guards can walk the space or canvass the area in well-marked cars or golf carts. An on-site guard presence not only deters crime, but guards can stop a crime in progress or quickly come to the aid of a crime victim.

Parking Garage Extra Safety Measure. Parking garages pose a greater security risk than parking lots. There are a lot more places for criminals to hide. Consider adding emergency “call boxes” throughout the garage so visitors can alert security personnel if they feel in danger or have been victims of a crime.

Parking lot and garage crimes are mostly crimes of opportunity. Eliminate the environment that is conducive to criminal behavior and your parking areas will be much safer.