Protect Your Business When a Natural Disaster Strikes

We’ve all seen the devastation on TV–structures damaged or destroyed because of floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and fires. We’ve also seen the dark side of human nature—looters who take advantage of an unoccupied business to grab what they can while the owners are away.

While law enforcement can patrol damaged areas, the disaster aftermath typically stretches resources such as police and other emergency assistance. One way to protect the contents of a damaged business is through 24-hour security.

Hiring security guards to keep looters away means business owners do not have to be on the property around the clock to safeguard its contents and do not run the risk of having to confront would-be looters

If the business is located in a shopping center with multiple storefronts that have suffered damage, tenants (or the center’s owner) can pool together to enlist the help of a security patrol to protect the entire complex against property crime. Guards can be used to patrol immediately after the disaster and remain onsite while repairs are being made.