Another Tragedy Shakes The Country

Once again, the country faces an unimaginable tragedy. The vehicle attack in New York City took eight innocent lives and injured more than a dozen others. And again, our heat-felt condolences go out to the victims and their families.

Cars and trucks seem to becoming the weapon of choice for terrorists and others intent on doing harm to large groups of people. In 2016 and 2017 alone, hundreds of people have been killed or injured as a result. It takes no particular skill and very little planning to cause devastation. While it can be almost impossible to stop a deranged individual from hurting others, there are steps that can at least help keep vehicles away from large groups.

–Add permanent concrete barriers to entrances to public spaces. Add barriers in locations that would prevent vehicles from gathering speed and traveling for long distances on sidewalks and other public areas.

–Add temporary concrete barriers around public events (i.e., street fairs, parades, demonstrations). Cars and trucks can also be used as barriers. Place the barriers far enough away from the actual event to create a buffer zone between the event participants and vehicles.

–Beef up security at event entry points—Allow access only to drivers with the proper credentials.

Unfortunately, these tragedies will continue to occur. Preparation and vigilance are the keys to reduce their numbers.