How to Make Sure Your Security Guards Are Doing Their Job

By hiring outside security guards to keep your business, retail outlet, event, school or other venue safe, you’re counting on those guards to do their job. But how do you know if they are? Here are some suggestions.

Check Security Guard Company References. Don’t assume all security guard companies are equal. When selecting a guard company, ask for names of references who required similar protection services as yours—and then call them for their feedback.

Observe. While you can’t monitor guard behavior all the time, observe them when they are on duty. How do they interact with people—are they cordial and professional? Are they alert or do they look bored? If the guards work after hours, stay late or come in early to view how they perform when no one is around.

Engage. Talk regularly with the guards. Discuss potential security issues, ask if they’ve noticed anything suspicious or can if they can offer suggestions that will make an area safer. Although guards from an outside security company are not employees, they still need to feel part of the team.

Make Sure The Guard Company Uses Guard Monitoring Software. Some guard companies use GPS tracking technology that can monitor guard movements on a job site. The technology requires guards to log in at the beginning of a shift and check in at specific times. If the guard does not check in as required, the guard company is notified and can immediately dispatch another guard to the location so the area does not go unsecured. Access Control Securities uses Celayix, a top employee scheduling software company, to track its guards.