Stand Up to Sexual Predators—7 Warning Signs

With the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal in the spotlight, now is a good time to take a look at the personality traits and behaviors of a sexual predator. Statistics show that two-thirds of assaults are perpetrated by someone whom the victim knows. Perpetrators often try to win the trust of their victims over time before […]

Hotel Security Guard at Mandalay Bay—a Hero

One of the many heroes that have emerged from last week’s tragic shooting rampage in Las Vegas is the security guard who was first to take on the shooter at Mandalay Bay. Hotel security guard Jesus Campos was investigating a door alarm when the shooter fired over 200 rounds through his hotel room door at […]

Another Mass Shooting; More Lives Senselessly Lost

Once again, it’s time for our country to grieve over the victims of yet another senseless mass shooting. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. Words cannot express our sadness.

A Senior Safety Primer

Seniors can be the most vulnerable segment of the population when it comes to property theft. According to the Bureau of Justice, senior households (age 65 and up) have a burglary rate of 12 per 1,000 households (while no one is home) and 5 per 1,000 households (while the residence is occupied). Here are some […]

Stopping Warehouse Theft

Because of the burgeoning e-commerce industry, warehouses are growing in size, receiving and shipping more and more products. Warehouses can be easy, soft targets for theft if preventative measures aren’t put in place. Inside Jobs. Alarm systems can be installed to keep thieves from entering a warehouse, but much of warehouse theft is the result […]

Emergency Room Security—Keeping Staff & Patients Safe

A hospital emergency room can be a dangerous place. Along with the common injuries and illnesses that walk through the door, emergency rooms give care to gang members and unstable individuals including those who are often high on drugs. A calm environment can quickly spiral into chaos. According to a survey by the Emergency Nurses […]

Parking Lot Security: How To Keep Your Customers Safe

When we park our car in a parking lot or parking garage, we assume the location is safe and secure, but that’s not always the case. According to Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 11 percent of property crimes occur in parking lots or garages and over 7 percent of violent crimes occur there. Crimes […]

Our Thoughts Are With Texas

We’ve all seen the heartbreaking photos of people struggling to flee the rising waters in and around Houston. When the floodwaters finally subside, there will be much to do to help those left homeless. That’s why ACS donated $1,000 to the American Red Cross to help in the recovery. If you’re interested in donating too, […]

Man Versus Machine – Who Wins the Security Wars?

Many technological advances have been made in the on-site security sector in the past decade. Higher resolution security cameras offer constant feeds to off-site locations and mobile devices; alarms and motion sensors can be activated and monitored by a smart phone. These innovations have made securing a retail store, business or home much more efficient. […]

Event Check-In Security—How To Keep Attendees Happy & The Event Secure

We’ve all experienced security check-ins at events. Security personnel riffling through purses and backpacks, guests walking through metal detectors and, sometimes, security dogs at the ready surveying the scene. How can event organizers ensure that attendees pass through security checkpoints with minimal delay while still preventing uninvited guests or suspicious items from entering? Planning is […]