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Making Safety and Compliance a Top Priority

Safety and regulatory compliance are critical concerns for companies in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Most companies work to build a culture of safety that focuses on both the procedures and processes that guide their operations, as well as the attitudes and behaviors of their employees and contractors.

But safety can be hard to achieve in hazardous environments if the security staff is not trained to recognize unsafe conditions and help correct them. And your security provider should understand the unique regulatory requirements of your industry, such as their role in complying with the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

Our Approach to Security is Safety First

At Access Control Security, we prepare security officers to act as safety ambassadors who set the bar for safety at our clients’ facilities. Just like you, we have a safety-first mentality that our security officers bring to the job every day.

Your security team will receive initial and ongoing training in anticipating, recognizing and reacting to unsafe situations that are specific to the chemical and petrochemical industry. Their training readies them play an active role in your safety program—whether it is to report a hazardous situation or to shut down an operation to prevent a serious accident.

Our security officers conduct job safety analyses (JSAs) for the areas for which they are responsible to help identify and control potential workplace hazards with the goal of preventing

injuries and accidents and mitigating risk.