Parking Lots

Parking Lot Security | Enforcement | Protect

Access Control Security provides parking lot and garage facilities with Parking Enforcement Programs and parking security management. ACS provides uniformed security officers to monitor/patrol and bicycle patrol your parking facility. ACS designs a parking lot security program that establishes guidelines and procedures for vehicles in violation.

Our parking lot and garage security administration has extensive knowledge and experience in providing security services for garage and parking lot facilities throughout California that enables us to provide security officers who are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to provide parking security solutions for a safe and sound parking facility. ACS can provide your parking facility with the following services:

  • Uniformed Security Officers complete with high visibility jackets
  • Professional and Reliable Parking Lot Security Personnel
  • Trained, and Supervised Security Personnel
  • Security Parking Enforcement and Control
  • Radios, Traffic Cones, and Signage
  • Warning notice, immobilize or tow violating vehicles
  • Tow abandoned or inoperable vehicles
  • Special Event parking management and coordination
  • Greeting guests and visitors as they arrive at the event 
  • Provide guests and visitors with directions on where to park 
  • Provide guests and visitors where to enter the event.
  • Monitor closed areas of the parking facilities
  • Patrol, monitor, and secure parking facilities property and vehicles
  • Provide disabled assistances for handicapped members of your event.

The Access Control Security officers play a critical role in preventing and identifying potential threats in parking lots. Their very presence can cause criminals to think twice before breaking into cars, vandalizing them or committing other crimes. Security guards can also work with local law enforcement officers to help apprehend suspects after a crime has been committed in a parking lot.