All security officers and supervisors at Access Control Security are qualified and pass all requirements of the State of California. Our officers also meet the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. The professional training of the security officers consists of the following:
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Anti-terrorism techniques
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Mob control
  • Complete apprehension and arrest procedures
  • Specific training and usage of verbal de-escalation techniques
  • Personal hygiene
  • Surveillance techniques
  • In-depth public relations
  • Workplace safety instructions


Furthermore, we conduct extensive ongoing training at our main office located in Anaheim. The following is the list of training courses that a security officer has to undergo before being assigned to a job.

  • S01      Arrest procedures for security personnel
  • S02      Pr-24 Baton Certification
  • S03      Client relation / Service attitude
  • S04      Emergency preparedness: Earthquake, fire and bomb threats
  • S05      State certification course
  • S06      First aid and CPR course
  • S07      Hostage preparedness
  • S08      Basic law for security officers
  • S09      Observation skills and reporting
  • S10      Power to arrest / Guard Card
  • S11      Report writing
  • S12      Security patrol procedures, introduction
  • S13      Tear gas, Mace, Pepper spray
  • S14      Union strike preparedness


Here at Access Control Security we pride ourselves on having extremely well trained, highly educated and motivated officers. We have a large reserve pool which aids in emergency replacement of officers in cases of emergency. Our supervisors are in constant communication with the operations department and the security officers by utilizing the unique and fully Digital Long Range Radio and Telephone System.

4 Hours Officer Training 32 Hours Officer Training