Hotels & Hospitality Security

We work closely with hotel establishments to create customized security programs that focus on guest relations, advance planning, and preparation for all contingencies.

Access Control Security (ACS) understands the pressure on hotel managers to provide safe and secure environments and superior customer service for guests and visitors, while at the same time ensuring optimization of resources for the best value.

The hotel and hospitality industry hosts unique security challenges that require innovative risk management solutions. Hotel security programs must effectively protect hotel property and personnel as well as guests, visitors, and vendors.

ACS’s Hotel Security/Concierge program is designed to meet the needs of hotel and hospitality clients with industry-specific, quality security programs that provide professional planning, prevention, and protection, taking security and safety needs, enterprise objectives, and cost effectiveness into consideration.

With best practices drawn from security programs in place at hotel properties throughout the United States, our approach to security delivers enhanced customer service and discreet but effective security.

With our specialized programs, you can fine-tune your security posture to reflect and complement the image you wish to portray to your guests and the general public, while maintaining the security presence required to mitigate risk and liability.

Our approach to hotel security is comprehensive, focusing on threat assessments, situation analysis, and proactive planning to identify and mitigate potential risks. A combination of the right people, processes, and technology ensures effective and efficient security services aligned with the culture of your establishment.

Our hotel and hospitality program features a full range of traditional and value-added services:

  • Entrance greeter and access control positions
  • Facility protection and patrols
  • Guest/visitor monitoring and assistance
  • Customer service and concierge duties
  • Parking enforcement
  • CPR/First Aid/AED
  • Room delivery service (invoices/newspapers)
  • Security command center monitoring
  • Crisis management and emergency/unusual event response
  • Incident analysis and reporting
  • Special event security for on-site conferences and events

Our stringent selection methods and training programs ensure the highest qualified and best trained personnel in the security industry.

Our web-based workforce management system integrates personnel scheduling, accounting and account performance analysis, enabling collaborative processes that ensure consistent management and service quality.

Our managers work closely with clients to create customized security programs characterized by best practices application, cultural alignment, and emphasis on advance planning and preparation for all contingencies.