Event Check-In Security—How To Keep Attendees Happy & The Event Secure

We’ve all experienced security check-ins at events. Security personnel riffling through purses and backpacks, guests walking through metal detectors and, sometimes, security dogs at the ready surveying the scene. How can event organizers ensure that attendees pass through security checkpoints with minimal delay while still preventing uninvited guests or suspicious items from entering? Planning is key.

Site Logistics. Review the event entry area. Based on the number of expected attendees, have enough security checkpoints to accommodate the crowd.

Use Well-Trained Security Staff. No one likes to wait in line. Have personnel assigned to funnel attendees toward the security checkpoints. Once there, properly trained security personnel can then quickly and efficiently inspect purse and bag contents and guide guests through metal detectors if necessary.

Use Scannable Tickets. Whether bought online or onsite, patrons must present a scannable ticket to enter. This deters uninvited guests. Scannable tickets also help speed up attendee entry.

In and Out Rules. Attendees should be advised that they must have their tickets with them if they plan to leave and then return to the event. Upon returning, guests should go through the same initial screening process.