Hotel Security Guard at Mandalay Bay—a Hero

One of the many heroes that have emerged from last week’s tragic shooting rampage in Las Vegas is the security guard who was first to take on the shooter at Mandalay Bay. Hotel security guard Jesus Campos was investigating a door alarm when the shooter fired over 200 rounds through his hotel room door at the guard. Jesus took a bullet to his leg, but still managed to notify his dispatcher to lead police to the 32nd floor of the hotel. Once police arrived, he provided them with a key to the shooter’s room and helped police clear nearby guests from nearby rooms before seeking medical attention. His actions saved lives.

While the investigation as to why the shooter did what he did continues, from a security standpoint, one question that needs asking is, what can hotels do to improve security? How could a guest bring so many guns, rifles, countless magazine clips, cell phones, laptops, drills and other tools into his hotel room without anyone noticing?

Security is already a high priority at most hotels but there are additional options they should consider.

–Increase security presence with more visible and plain-clothes security personnel. Employ dogs that can sniff out gunpowder.

–Security cameras on all floors monitored 24/7.

–Train front desk personnel, luggage handlers and cleaning crewmembers so they can better spot suspicious bags and activity.

–Add sensors to detect when a hotel room window has been broken.

While these tougher security measures might not have prevented the tragedy in Las Vegas, they offer a common sense approach in this dangerous and unpredictable world we live in.