What Makes a Great Security Guard?

When seeking security guards for your business, school, place of worship, home or event, you need to factor in more than training and licenses. Here are other attributes of a quality security guard.

Being Aware. One of a guard’s greatest assets is to have command over his or her surroundings– always being alert to possible problem situations.

Excellent Communication Skills. Being able to effectively deescalate a negative situation with words reduces the need for physical confrontations. This ensures the safety of all involved including innocent bystanders.

Proper Documentation. After an incident occurs, a top security guard will promptly and accurately document what occurred. This is invaluable for possible insurance or legal purposes.

Positive Impression. A security guard needs to looks the part—in good physical shape and always in a clean, pressed uniform. A professional appearance commands the respect of others and can dissuade would-be bad guys from committing illegal acts.

Honest. Security guards are given access to locked buildings or other sensitive locations. They are often on premises long after employees have gone home for the day. Honest security guards respect the property of others and provide peace of mind to those who hire them.